No less than three digital simulators await you in the park to immerse yourself in the worlds of Gaston, Zombillenium and a Dinosaur island!




One had to expect Gaston's first foray to the virtual world to be a little different! In "Gaffe à Gaston", the mischievous character gives you a tour of the Spirou magazine offices from a dizzying and never-before-seen point of view.













Have you heard of Zombillenium, the theme park full of larger than life monsters? If you hadn't, this incredible simulator is your chance to get acquainted... and you may not come out of it in one piece! Enter the park... within the park!










When it comes to dinosaurs, you probably think you've seen everything. And, security-wise, we have ensured it's all good, so no need to worry about this quiet visit to Mesozoik Island and its cuddly T-Rex. It'll be FINE, trust us!